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Child headed family
The aunt of the girls said the girls are so happy about everything
Make-a-Difference brought them. They are staying with their aunt. Their mother is very sick and was taken to the family outside of Johannesburg.

Manawa Family

The head of the family – Mr Thembinkosi Sithole said ‘As an unemployed father, he did not know how he was going to make ends meet for his family to survive. But
Make-a-Difference brought about changes in their life by donating clothes and food for them. What surprised him most, was that these people – ‘the Make-a-Difference people’ should go out of their way to bless his family in this way when they don’t even know them and are not even related to them.

Kya Sands recipients - Booi Family
Nokuthemba (husband) said thanks to Musa and the family of Make-a-Difference for what they did for his family.
All in all he said he wishes the
Make-a-Difference people prosperity and may they continue to help people in the way that they have helped his family.

Msawawa – Recipient families

The recipients from Msawawa are sending
their thanks from their deepest parts of their
hearts for what they have received as gifts.
They are saying that they have seen the difference made by ‘
Indeed the name is meaning of what they have.
From the families i.e: Manngo family – the mother (Sylvia Manngo) said she is feeling very excited for the goods and the gifts she received for her family and that you must come back again to do the same for other families.
Another family – the Chauke family says ‘thank you very much and that her kids are now like others in the Msawawa community and at the school they are attending.

From the parents of the children that attended the Christmas Party in Nov2009

The parents of the kids that attended the party last year in November say thank you for honouring their children.
They are saying you make us so proud for our kids.
One of the parents is quoted in saying ‘Thank you very much for taking my daughter to the Christmas Party. If it was not for you,
my daughter would never have known such wonderful pleasures as I can not afford to show her these things or these places.
I pray that all the good things that you are doing for our kids and for our community as a whole can be done around the country for the benefit of our kids.
The parents and children are all so looking forward to the
next party – the Winter Party on Sat 22nd May.
May God richly bless you all in the good and honourable
job that you are doing for our community. Yours in Nation Building,
The parents & children of Msawawa

From Sugar – the chairperson of Msawawa Community
I would like to take this opportunity, to thank Natalie, Godfrey, Rebecca and the whole staff of Make-a-Difference and their wonderful sponsors. It is indeed because of all of you, that we are able to say what we are saying now. It is because of you who uplifted my name amongst the community where I am staying right now.
On behalf of the families who received the gifts, the kids who went to the Christmas Party as well as for all future gifts,deliveries and parties – I would like to say thank you very very much !

You made us, and are still making us proud. This community that you are doing all this work for, so desperately needed your help before you knew them, and they continue to need your help after you knew them.
I am humbly requesting that you don’t stop what you are doing for this community under my leadership, and also after my leadership.
We are benefiting so much from you, but not you from us.
A lot is needed to say, but let me wrap this up by saying ‘ we love all of you and are grateful to each and every one of you. We wish you all nothing but the best.’
Yours in helping the community,

Dear Mr Godfrey, Mrs Rebecca, & Mrs Natalie

My name is Jan G. I live in Kya Sands and am doing grade 5. I just want to say thank you so much for giving me cloths, shoes, blanket and school stationery.

Thank you so much and can you please do it to other orphans who lose their parents and also to my guardian mother.

Thank you so much
God Bless you all

From Jan G


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